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Get help to ensure your records are compliant.

The CPAs at Tate & Cox PC can review your company's finances and ensure that they are compliant with tax laws. Utilize our more than 85 years of experience to help improve the way your business is managed.

Get access to information that can help you make changes to better your business. Know that your audit will be performed using an appropriate checklist so nothing will be left undone. With our years of experience in a variety of different industries, we will review your finances and verify that they are compliant as well as help you analyze, assess, and plan.

Effective audits providing useful information.

Is your business being audited by the Internal Revenue Service? Are you kept awake at night with nightmares about the auditing process? The professionals at Tate & Cox PC provide representation before the IRS so you can relax. Personal tax preparation services are also available for your convenience.

Take advantage of our additional services.

To get reliable and knowledgeable assistance with audits, reviews, and compilation services, trust the experienced professionals at Tate & Cox PC.

Call us for auditing services at a reasonable cost.


Hands-on services.

Leave time-consuming and complex auditing services to experts who will respect your business by providing quick but thorough service.

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